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What are the main components of environmentally friendly plasticizers?

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What are the main components of environmentally friendly plasticizers?

The key of the environmentally friendly plasticizer composition is to purify it in various green plants, and then convert it into a new type of environmentally safe plasticizer under the action of a series of metal catalysts. With the popularization of plasticizers and the emergence of plasticizers, more and more people have realized it, but they don't know much about the ingredients of environmentally friendly plasticizers. Let us explain in detail the environmentally friendly plasticizers. What is the main ingredient of the drug?

Main component of environmentally friendly plasticizer

1. Environmentally friendly plasticizer components found that common plasticizers in industrial production include phthalic acid diester and phthalic acid diester. Green vegetable ester is a new type of environmentally friendly plasticizer. It is a variety of green plant purification, in a series of Metal-catalyzed esterification into a novel environmentally friendly plasticizer.

2. Plasticizer is one of the plastic masterbatches produced and consumed in the world. Polyethylene plasticizer N and diethylhexyl phthalate can also be used as raw materials for making plasticizers. With the improvement of environmental protection awareness around the world, DOP clearly puts forward higher purity and hygiene requirements for plastic products such as medicine, food packaging materials, daily necessities, and small toys.

3. No phthalate plasticizer, cost-effective and environmentally friendly plasticizer is colorless and odorless. Plasticizer is a preservative that improves the flexibility of raw materials or evaporates raw materials. Its targets include plastics, concrete, drywall raw materials, concrete and Mature plaster. The two plasticizers are usually used for different purposes, but the actual effect is usually different.

4. There are more than 100 kinds of plasticizers, but the chemical substances called phthalates are widely used. Plastics and plasticizers are produced into finished products with various ductility, soft strength and gloss. The softer the plastic products are , the more plasticizer needs to be added.

The main components of environmentally friendly plasticizers mainly include the above types. The commonly used fresh-keeping bags are PE raw materials without preservatives, but the viscosity is weak and the other is widely used, and the viscosity is getting higher and higher. It is especially suitable for fresh delivery. Package.