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Functional use of polyester plasticizer?

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Functional use of polyester plasticizer?

Polyester plasticizer is a heat-resistant and durable plasticizer with good performance due to its large molecular weight, low volatility, small migration, oil resistance and soapy water extraction resistance. The disadvantage is that the plasticizing efficiency is slightly poor and the viscosity is relatively high. , Workability and low temperature resistance are not good. Widely used in oil-resistant and high-temperature-resistant special products, such as: oil-resistant rubber hose, high-temperature-resistant, high-humidity non-migration cable material, high-temperature-resistant wire covering layer, insulating material, etc., used for contacting coating layers, rubber, polystyrene, ABS Products that are closely related to organic solvents, such as electrical wires, refrigerator seals, pipes, equipment, etc. Used in floor coverings, oil-resistant gloves and rubber boots in anti-pollution products. In contact with food, it can be used in packaging films, beverage hoses, bottle cap gaskets, etc. Used as an impact modifier in rigid PVC formulations to improve the brittleness and toughen the PVC resin.